Mobile-optimised version of your existing website

Mobile optimised websites built for most devices; iPhone / iPad / Android Smartphones and Tablets.


I need an
Optimized Website!

Don’t just get any website.
We’re SEO and internet marketing experts so we build OPTIMIZED websites that rise to the top in Google to get visitors to your site, then convince and compel them to buy.

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I have a website.
I Need Customers!

Using SEO, Social Media, killer landing pages, and great messaging, we’ll turn your website and online presence into a springboard so you can leap past the competition and close more sales. Get our Jumpstart!

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I have leads.
Help me capture !

If your website was built right, chances are it’s attracting customers for you right now without you even knowing it! Don’t let them slip out of your hands. We’ll help you capture those leads!

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Get Me on the Phone!

Your customers are looking for you on their phones. Can they find you? We create mobile websites that are perfectly optimized for cell phone users on the run. And our Local/Mobile SEO gets you found!

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We’ve been rocking the internet marketing world since 2003!

Dreamznet is based in milton Keynes and is the full-service internet marketing agency you need for expanding your online presence and blowing out your revenue results! Whether you just need a website update, or a full-spectrum, integrated marketing launch, our lean team of internet marketing experts are eager to show you we’re your best choice for success!


DreamzNet was founded in recognition of the upsurge in mobile device usage. The mobile web is set to take over. Soon there will be billions of handheld devices all connected to one another, and your business can be at the very heart of it. The thing is, there are so many websites that aren’t optimized for use on mobile phones. This leaves a gaping hole between your business and the consumer, and this is no ordinary consumer. They’re on-the-go, searching for your business whether at home, work or play.

Is your Website Mobile Friendly?
Equipped for the Mobile Revolution?
I hope so! It’s already Begun!

Watch the before and after results, The results shown is optimized for the mobile user. Taking advantage of larger buttons & bigger text making the website easier to navigate and utilizing features such as click-to-call button,able to send email or get direction to location on a click of a button

More and more people are searching for local businesses and buying products by using their smartphone. The rise in smartphone usage is having a dramatic effect on the way the consumer behaves. There is a fast-growing audience out there looking for your brand, your product and your service.

Dreamznet can help you achieve growth in your business by tapping into this market of consumers. The time to optimize your existing company website into a mobile website for use on mobile devices is right now

“87% of smartphone consumers use their smartphone whilst on-the-go, commuting or walking.” “Nearly 1 in 5 visits to a mobile friendly website results in an immediate call to that business.”

Our Internet Marketing a la Carte Services

Optimized Website Design

We know what works and what doesn’t, and if your website isn’t working, we know how to fix it. You get optimized websites with us – optimized for the search engines, optimized for the consumer to get you more sales. This is internet marketing, after all, and not just an exercise in design.

Search Engine Optimization

If your website can’t be found, you might as well have built your business in the middle of the Sahara with no roads leading to it. We are search engine optimization experts and get our clients to rank at the top of the search results using only Google-recommended SEO techniques.

Local SEO

Our Dreazmnet Milton Keynes firm is a nationally-recognized Local SEO company.We get your local business into the spotlight – in Google, on phones, in local directories such as Yelp and Google+, and wherever local customers are looking for them.

Affordable Local & Enterprise SEO services, Google Places SEO, Multi-Location SEO. The leading local search expert for over 10 years

Core Messaging

With your competition just a click away, your web content better be great. We’ll do the research to uncover what really matters when your customers are comparison shopping, then write killer content with just the right messaging to get them to stick, buy, and come back for more.

Social Media

Social Media Marketing should not be left to the kid next door. Done right with strategic planning and execution, it can be a powerful driving force that brings customers to your door. And that’s how we play the game.

Mobile Websites

They’re looking for you on their phones! We create mobile and responsive websites that are easy to use, quick to navigate and optimized using Local/Mobile SEO so they can be found in whatever phone app or browser your visitor is using. If you’re not there, you are losing business!

PPC Campaign Management

Want to advertise online? Whether it be Google pay per click, Facebook or banner ads, we can manage your PPC campaignand get the right people to your site and your ads paying for themselves in no time. And we never stop working to improve your ROI.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has been proven to be better at converting customers than social media and is a great way to stay touch with your customers and get them to come back. We can set you up with a custom template so you can take over from there, or we manage your campaigns for you.


Do you think you can do it yourself? We love consulting with Milton Keynes companies who have the internal staff to do it themselves. We’ll train you in SEO, Social Media, and whatever we know you don’t and then guide you until you get to the top of your game.